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Desert Dance Festival
Saturday & Sunday
September 28 & 29, 2013

S.E.S. Hall
1375 Lafayette St., Santa Clara , CA 95050

Festival Performers

~ On-Line Registration starting at 12 Noon ~ June 1, 2013

~ Live & Tape Music Registration
~ One dance performance per registration
~ Solo/Duet/Trio - 8 1/2  minutes
~ Troupe - groups of four (4) or more - 11 1/2 minutes

As in years past, you may perform in as many troupes as you like.  
A performer registering for a solo, duet, or trio, is ineligible for any other type of performance.
Likewise, a troupe performer is also ineligible for any other type of performance.

We would like to remind performers that CDs must have only the
tracks you are using and those tracks must be in their correct order.

iPods, CD-RW, or compilations in which we must hunt for your
tracks will not be accepted.

Performers are responsible for testing their CD to
ensure it actually plays properly.

We recommend making 2 copies, one as a safety backup.


Performer Line-Up ~ Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time Performer City
11:00 AM Solo TBA  
11:09 AM Troupe TBA  
11:21 AM Solo TBA  
11:33 AM Lauren San Bruno, CA
11:42 AM Sausan San Francisco, CA
11:51 AM Troupe Nashida San Jose, CA
12:09 PM Liviah Bellydance Vallejo, CA
12:18 PM River Roses, Director Thamina & Jasmine Martinez, CA
12:30 PM Wasseema Burlingame, CA
12:39 PM Titanium Tulips Lincoln, CA
12:51 PM Basinah Palo Alto, CA
1:00 PM Bastet Orientale, Director Celena Los Gatos, CA
1:12 PM Masha Soledad, CA
1:21 PM Gypsy Phoenix, Vendor Mantica, CA
1:33 PM Genie Ala Nar San Luis Obispo, CA
1:42 PM Zo-Phedra & Navah Salinas, CA
1:51 PM Anastasia Milbrae, CA
2:09 PM Nakita & Nisaa Paso Robles,CA
2:18 PM Raja  
2:27 PM Khamsa Oakland, CA
2:36 PM Sisters of Pearls Castro Valley
2:45 PM Raks Jenna, Director Elayna Los Altos, CA
2:57 PM Beatriz Ross Fremont, CA
3:06 PM Lana Loukianenko-Edgin & Bellysima Soledad, CA
3:18 PM Leyla Lanty E. Palo Alto, CA
3:27 PM Zorba & Zarah Moss Landing, CA
3:36 PM Jewel of Opar, Director Shaheen San Jose, CA
3:48 PM Kashmir Isis Paso Robles,CA
4:06 PM Live Music with Paul Ohanesian & Tim Bolling,
4:15 PM Zelina, Vendor Sunnyvale, CA
4:24 PM Jillian Palo Alto, CA
4:33 PM Nadika Ben Lomond, CA
4:42 PM Ghanima Gaditana Santa Clara, CA
4:51 PM Edemia Dance                              Sacramento, CA
5:00 PM Mirit Mt. View, CA
5:09 PM Zahira Mt. View, CA
5:18 PM Back to Recorded Music
5:21 PM Indiginous, Director Bahira Santa Clara, CA
5:30 PM Rashani World Fusion So. San Francisco, CA
5:42 PM Mila San Jose, CA
5:51 PM Bellastygma Belly Dance San Jose, CA
6:12 PM Rechella Hayward, CA
6:21 PM Sahara Allison Chico, CA
6:30 PM Omni, Director Parri, Vendor Santa Clara, CA
6:42 PM Parizade Santa Cruz, CA
6:51 PM Yolanda, Vendor Menlo Park, CA
7:00 PM Kanako Hayward, CA
7:09 PM Christie San Francisco, CA
7:18 PM Linah, Vendor Sacramento, CA
7:27 PM Janelle Santa Cruz, CA
7:36 PM Malika Pleasant Hll, CA
7:45 PM Solo TBA  
7:54 PM Sidahlia Sunnyvale, CA
8:03 PM RaksAraby, Dictor Crystal Silmi Spain
8:15 PM Jordan Dancer San Jose, CA
8:24 PM Hassan Deeb Monterey, CA
12:00 N Desert Gypsies Livermore, CA
That Was Then…. This Is Now!!!

Performer Line-Up ~ Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time Performer City
11:00 AM Troupe TBA  
11:12 AM Solo TBA  
11:21 AM Troupe TBA  
11:33 AM Solo TBA  
11:42 AM Troupe TBA  
11:54 AM Una
DDF Mini-workshop Instructor
San Jose, CA
12:03 PM Arabian Dreams
East Bay, CA
12:15 PM Sibylla Foster City, CA
12:24 PM Daughters of the Silver Moon, Director Zarsitta Auburn, CA
12:36 PM Narghes Newark, CA
12:45 PM Raks Jawhara
Director Sudeep
Menlo Park, CA
12:57 PM Sabiba
DDF Mini-workshop Instructor
Mt. View, CA
1:06 PM Desert Wind Dancers, Directed Yasmin Turlock, CA
1:18 PM Cesara, Turkish Delight Sunnyvale, CA
1:27 PM Shimmy Dreams Belly Dance, Director Samira Dawn Lafayette, CA
1:39 PM Alisa  
1:48 PM Karavansaray Dance Company, Director Amanda Campbell, CA
2:09 PM Sahar Habibti Vacaville, CA
2:18 PM Tiyanna
Director Sese
Santa Cruz, CA
2:39 PM Safiyah San Francisco, CA
2:48 PM Marzieh (Queen of Persia) Sunnyvale, CA
2:57 PM Kallista Dixon, CA
3:06 PM Sherifa el-Bakkar Oakland, CA
3:15 PM Gameela Awi! Awi!
Director Yolanda - Vendor
Menlo Park, CA
3:27 PM Jamra El-Mejdel Campbell, CA
3:30 PM Courtney San Jose, CA
3:36 PM Zambalita
Director Sudeep
Menlo Park, CA
3:48 PM Malia
DDF Mini-workshop Instructor
Half Moon Bay, CA
Time Performer City
4:06 PM Live Music with Paul Ohanesian & Tim Bolling,, Menlo Park, CA
4:15 PM Alma Safiyah Menlo Park, CA
4:24 PM Hazar Oakland, CA
4:33 PM Lu Lu, Vendor San Jose, CA
4:42 PM Sharifa Walnut Creek, CA
4:51 PM Solo TBA  
5:00 PM Back to Recorded Music
5:03 PM Raks al Khalil & the Rakettes, Director Kajulah San Jose, CA
5:15 PM Farhana Masri Atwood, CA
5:24 PM Troupe TBA  
5:36 PM Solo TBA  
5:45 PM Troupe TBA  
5:57 PM THE END  
6:00 PM See you next year!






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