Dancing The Tango

Desert Dance Festival is a new website that offers all different types of people within the great city of London the chance to learn the great vibrant tango dance.

My name is Katie and I love to dance.  I specialise in the vibrant Argentinian tango dancing at its full of energy and sparkle, but also love all sorts of other great dance, such as the cha-cha-cha, Jazz, Modern Dance, Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Tango Dance classes are highly addictive and great fun, so get dancing, feel great and meet loads of great people. 

What is Tango Dance

The Tango that we know today originated in Argentina.  Its dramatic style and quick movement make this dance increasingly popular. This is in large part due to the extensive television coverage that is currently being received by ballroom dancing. 

Tango is a form of dance the involves expressing one’s feelings.  Dancers move in sync smoothly with each other, and perform complex movements in time with the music.

Many people think that it is difficult to learn Tango and master it.  However, it is easy to learn the basics.  Enrolling in a class is the best way to learn how to Tango.

We can help you with Tango Dance lessons for advance, intermediate or beginners. 

Why Should You Enroll In Tango Dance Classes?

Enrolling in a Tango class is an excellent way to meet people and keep fit.  It is a truly social thing to do, and it is never too late to learn how to Tango!

In fact, tango dance classes are perfect for adults of every age. You will be sure to have lots of fun due to the social nature of Tango dances. 

Tango dances are performed by couples. Dancers are physical and close, which makes a Tango dance class’s atmosphere sensual and emotional. 

Kinds Of Tango Dance Classes

Like many other types of dances, Tango has a range of styles, with some being more formal compared to other styles. 

When it comes to Tango, there are 2 major styles:

Ballroom Tango International style has a more formalised structure and is a closed dance position. 

Argentinian Tango involved dancing in an embrace and can vary to being very closed – with a chest-to-chest connection – to a very open one – whether the leader and follower are connected at arms length. 

Find out from your Tango teacher which styles will suit with your the best and keep in mind that many Tango classes might include a combination of Tango styles.

There are Group Classes, which are an excellent way of meeting new people and a lot of fun. 

For beginners, Private Tango dance lessons can be very advantageous along with individuals wanting to improve their dance technique. 

Our London Tango Dance Class

Tango is a very dynamic, fun and vibrant form of dance.  So whether you are a complete beginner, looking to further your skills, or craving the chance to show your skills off, our Tango classes will help you to ensure that you are out on the dance floor with your playful movements, elegant walk, and beautiful embrace. 

So whether you are wanting to expand your Tango dancing skills or are a complete beginner, our experienced, professional teachers will make sure you reach your full potential and receive a completely authentic Argentinian Tango dance experience. 

Our Tango Academy is open 7 days per week with our professional seminars and workshops, beginner’s course, private lessons, ‘Milongas,’ and ‘Practicas,’.

Tango Beginner – learn how to follow and lead, the Tango Walk, along with the ‘Close Embrace.’  

Tango Improvers – add decorations to your dance style and make your dancing more expressive and dynamic.

Tango Company – continue to build on your Tango technique and take your skills onto the stage.

We have classes available for all skill level, so enrol in a course, or contact us, so that you can start to enjoy this highly expressive and social dance.